Wintry Handbag from detailed fabrics

34.90 27.90


Wintry Handbag from detailed fabrics

34.90 27.90

Unique handmade fall / winter bucket bag, perfect companion for every day. There is enough space for everything important (and unimportant :-)).

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Green Island Project Upcycling Product

Unique handmade fall / winter handbag, the classic companion for all days, there’s enough room for everything important. The handles are made of a pleasantly light fabric with a beautiful ornament pattern and lovingly decorated with small anchors in the transition to the bag.
For better organization of your belongings, the interior is equipped with a subdivision.
Goes perfectly with a boho / hippie outfit, as well as with the thick winter jacket!

This unique piece is an upcycled product. It was made from fabrics that were destined to be thrown away, practically unused.

Fashion usually has a short life and few people complain about too full closets. With more clothing in circulation, resources can be saved.
This bag is not made from recycled clothing. But I saved these beautiful fabrics from a company, which incredibly, like most big discounters, throw away things in new condition!

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Cotton, Wool


Autumn Color Mix, Black, Copper Brown


Bag: 33×28 cm, Handles total: 57×5 cm


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