Waking up with sunshine every day all year long is what  fills my heart with happiness and my head with ideas. The refreshing sea water is what recharges my batteries day by day and gives me the energy to realize my projects. The international mix of people, the surf culture and the hang-loose-lifestyle, are the things which allow me to think different and let me live easier, far away from a complicated rushing world.

The Canary Islands, is where i found my peace to live and work. After some years of traveling and working around the world, I needed to create an orden in my head, which was full of impressions and ideas, i collected on my trips.

The first three years in the islands, I produced lots of paintings, trying out different techniques and types of colors. But also for handicrafts i had always a passion.

I was lucky and happy, when I was asked if I wouldn’t have an idea to fill a tiny shop with something interesting. So I started this project in 2013 and founded my brand “Las Lisartes”, creating only unique pieces of jewellery and clothing.

In a world of mass production, I want to make people happy to find different stuff, made with love and personalized for their taste…as a unique piece and part of their holiday memories under the warming sun, the invigorating ocean water far away from their tensing everyday lifes.

So this personal adventure continues and the shop is still growing…I do everything I can to realize all those ideas to make people and myself happy.

One life with only two hands is not enough to do everything you want to…but I try my very best to realize as much as I can.

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